Website Design & Mobile App Development

Here at Skyway Media, we specialize in building super affordable, mobile friendly websites for small and medium-sized businesses. Our business-model is old school; we aim to provide an incredibly valuable service, at an extremely affordable price...and we like to do business with a handshake and a smile. 90% of our clients are local to the Tampa Bay area. We love meeting with you in person, and building a lasting relationship with your company -- with the foundation of that relationship being built on high quality work and incredible customer service!

In today’s day and age, your potential clients are finding you and researching you and your company online before they think about calling you, and an outdated or non-existent website can pose a huge credibility issue for your business and will severely impact your websites ability to convert traffic into customers. Give us a call, we’d love to help your business!

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Local & Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to Local & Organic SEO, we are some of the best around. Our dedicated SEO team has worked with big brands that have hundreds of employees, to small companies that have never marketed online before. We offer most of our SEO services on a month-to-month basis so that you can take baby steps in moving into the online world and jumping ahead of your competition!

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Facebook & Social Media Management

Social media has taken over! Unfortunately we live in a society where Justin Bieber has 51.3 million Twitter followers and most small businesses are yet to even have a Twitter account. Your prospective clients are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google + to research your business and to check out the conversation taking place about your business.

We can help you manage & BUILD your social media following so that the conversation is ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!

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Online Ads & PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Facebook & Google are some of the best ways to target your potential clients online. Facebook & Google Adwords allow you to target specific ages, demographics, interests, towns, cities, states, counties, zip codes and countries....and allows you to target your product or service citywide, nationwide, or worldwide.

Paying for targeted advertising on search engines like Google & Yahoo and social media outlets like Facebook & Instagram can be some of the most efficient and targeted types of advertising available. We can help you strategize & manage your campaigns and work with you so that we can help you target to specific demographics, by age, interests, occupation, and we can even focus it in by proximity to your business.

Our Google Adwords experts can help you reach the audience you are looking for. Best of all, with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Pay Per Click, you can being ranking and advertising to your target audience within 24 hours! Call us today to get started.

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E-mail & Text Marketing

Email and text marketing have become critical elements in generating business online. Many businesses serve hundreds or even thousands of customers each year, but they don't have names, phone numbers, email address or any information that can help them get in contact with their happy customers. We help you create a strategy for gathering this information from your customers, and then marketing to them with specials, events, and promotions!

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Graphic Design & Logo Design

We provide graphic and logo design services for all of our clients. Part of growing your company online is having a professional looking brand! We can help with logo design, business card layout and design, as well as flyers, menu's, brochures, and signage.

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